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Hailing from Cincinnati, ROOM FOR ZERO's take on Indie Rock has created a buzz that has quickly pushed the quintet from the shadows of local clubs into the limelight.  They have formulated an intoxicating mixture, by distilling The Police's punkish reggae with Arctic Monkey's heavy brit-rock, and adding a twist of anthemic guitar-driven indie rock.  The innovative, yet somehow familiar, sounds that have graced the British underground now captivate the band's growing crowds in the American Midwest.  Their overnight success prompted local radio play, and appropriately earned spins on local radio in the UK. 


Frontman Ian Ford, guitarists Michael Stubbs and Chris Harding, bassist Jason Wagner, and drummer Aaron Cunningham increased strides to match their exponential rate of success fueled by professional performances that made them resemble a major touring act more than the hometown heroes they were.  They frantically began work on self-releasing an album to demonstrate their ever-growing repertoire. 


Shortly after a debut performance at the 2016 Bunbury Music Festival, ROOM FOR ZERO hosted an acclaimed underground indie release party for their debut LP "Come On! Come On!", sealing off a summer that destines the band for major success.  The five friends continue to perfect their cocktail of indie brit-rock and expand their appeal.  "Our vision is decisive, and we want to take everyone with us as we grow", says Ford, "If the world wants to hear us, we will play for the world."


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