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Playing To Vapors



Playing to Vapors explores questions in their music, rather than trying to provide answers. Is there a relationship between geometry & music? Can one composition be objectively better than another? Do sounds bare significance in terms of representing specific emotions and ideas? Each individual of the five-piece contributes to the song writing in a unique way. However collectively, the group strives to experiment with tonality, rhythm, melody, and harmony, while still keeping the message relatable leaving the overall idea simple yet impactful. A beautiful chemistry exposes itself when all the elements of PTV come together. As can be seen in their most recent release Ghost Hunter, which led them to write ups in several nationwide blogs, has taken them on the road through many major cities, and is starting to put them on many festival stages such as playing two sets in the inaugural Fashion Meets Music Festival. Many fans across the midwest anticipate the release of their first EP since 2012, titled A Glitch In A Void, scheduled for release in April 2015. Playing To Vapors is extremely prolific and constantly evolving. They will continue to produce unique and captivating music for years to come.


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