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The Lions Rampant


Letting your freak flag fly at more than half-mast is a way of life for The Lions Rampant. This edgy, blues infused, garage rock, pseudo pop three-piece sings their way through a storybook of life's ups and downs with unfettered energy, mauling the Midwestern music scene and dragging it right back where it belongs: in your face. It's Fun To Do Bad Things, their full-length debut, is a testament to what it's like to be youthful, adventurous and carefree...without sparing any of the gritty details. With the spice and drive of 60's guitar licks and lyrics not unlike those of The Clash, The Lions Rampant breathe new life into the scene with a collection of crisp and wildly soulful melodies that will whisk your rock-ready ears back a few decades. But fear not, It's Fun To Do Bad Things promises a lasting rock fix that delivers again and again...timelessly, like their influences. "We wanted to expand our musical horizons and focus on tighter songwriting, psychedelia, call and response, new instrumentation, etc. while still remaining true to our wild and free rock n roll / punk rock beginnings. The album is a celebration of figuring out love and pushing one's boundaries," says lead vocalist Stuart Mackenzie. "It tells the story of a young romantic and his search for love, taking things to the limit, enjoying the nightlife, falling in and out of love. These songs are a 'diary' of sorts...definitely a coming of age for us. The album title is tongue-in-cheek. Rock and roll has always been about bad behavior, but we're not what you would call 'bad evil' of course. The Lions Rampant is definitely 'good evil.' And that's what this record is all about..." adds Mackenzie. View the band's new music video for the single "Lights On" and you'll get the picture if you haven't already. The Lions Rampant remind us what rock and roll is truly about at the most organic of levels.

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