NF / #MillerLiteMusicMonday

NF / #MillerLiteMusicMonday

Happy #MillerLiteMusicMonday! What are you listening to?  We've got NF in our earbuds!

“I’m back - did anyone miss me?/They say the second record can be tricky…” - NF, “Intro 2”

“I like to be a little mysterious, so the music tells my story,” explains Nathan Feuerstein, better known by his initials, NF - the name under which he’s become known as one of the most exciting new rap/alternative artists working today. The story that NF captures in his music proves deeply personal and compelling; that’s why he titled his second album Therapy Session, released on April 22, 2016 by Capitol Music Group.

Following on the success of NF’s 2015 Capitol debut Mansion, Therapy Session has taken the 25-year-old Michigan-raised MC to new heights. Mansion would go on to exceed 53 million streams thanks to singles like “Wake Up”; its powerful anthem “Intro” would also feature in the season finale promo campaign of Empire. In its first week of release, Therapy Session, however, would enter the Billboard album charts at number 12, cementing that NF was an artist to be reckoned with - on his way to superstar status of his own making. The furious, complex flow and gritty revelations of epic album opener “Intro 2” (“You call it music - I call her my therapist/She keep on tellin' I have been carrying way too much baggage/I need to take care of it/I know she's right, but man it's embarrassing/Music has raised me more than my parents did”) reveal NF’s lyrical origins. “I came listening to battle rap,” he explains. “I studied the Smack DVDs obsessively.” But elsewhere - from the acoustic guitars and sung hooks of “Oh Lord” to the moving, soulful melodies permeating songs like  “I Just Wanna Know” and “How Could You Leave Us” - Therapy Session reveals NF’s growing musical maturity. “When I was younger, all I listened to was hip-hop,” he explains. “Now I listen to everything from Ed Sheeran and Adele to film soundtracks. Wherever the beat comes from, it pulls out whatever’s inside of me.”

Make sure you read up on NF & check out the video for "Grindin'" over here!

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