Julian Kerins

Julian Kerins

Fri 5/31 @ 3:30 - Metro by T-Mobile Acoustic Stage

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Julian Kerins is the composer, guitarist, vocalist and frontman to an award-winning New York based Indie Rock trio featuring Michael Vetter on drums, and Michael Schuler on bass. The trio has recently played at notable festivals such as SXSW and Great South Bay Music Festival. They've played and gotten airplay on FM & XM radio stations in the US, EU & AU. They've toured and are touring again in the US, EU & AU in 2019. They've gone viral multiple times, charted on Isina's Billboard Top 100 & on ReverbNation's Top 40. They've been playlisted on Spotify's Indie & Alternative Rock Top & Hot 100 Charts. They've become finalists in the International Songwriting Competition. They played for the A&R Director of Warner Music Group in Canada. They've been invited to play for Sofar Sounds in England & Australia in 2019, and at Bunbury Music Festival 2019. They've also recorded with award-winning producers that have worked with Grammy award-winning artists such as Kimbra, Chris Cornell, The Mars Volta, Ice-T, and Metallica. The list goes on to include nominees such as Alice in Chains as well as a litany of other musical greats. The music of Julian Kerins flaunts an eclectic amalgam of influences centered around a Rock spine. From Classical, to Folk, to Hard Rock, Post-Rock, Blues, Jazz, Math Rock, Opera, Orchestral and Eastern music, Julian Kerins spans a wide array of genres to create lush soundscapes for your enjoyment. First hand experience is always superior to the written word, so listen and find out what the music means to you. "The music of Julian Kerins defies genre, and is the work of a truly brilliant artist." - Ryan Adams -- Great South Bay Music Festival Runner Music Talkers: Maelstroms Album Review by Andrew Braithwaite of musictalkers.com

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