The Harlequins

The Harlequins


The Harlequins are an experimental, psychedelic rock trio hailing from Cincinnati, OH.

Evolving out of the home recordings of songwriter Michael Oliva, the group formed with the meeting of bassist Alex Stenard in 2006. They were later joined by drummer Rob Stamler in 2008 cementing the current lineup.

The Harlequins are known for their energetic live performances and experimental light shows incorporating elements of 50's and 60's rock n roll with garage, surf, punk, and kraut-rock.  
The Harlequins have released five albums independently and have been a regular fixture at South by Southwest, Bunbury, and Midpoint Music Festivals. In 2011 they were handpicked by The Black Lips for a feature on 

After touring slowed down following 2013’s ‘Sex Change’, The Harlequins signed to dizzybird records and spent 2015 writing and recording their debut LP for the label.  'One With You' was released on June 25, 2016 via dizzybird records.  The first single "Not Yet Dead" received heavy airplay from WNKU and  other national college radio while the group toured across the country in the summer and fall. The second single, Step Inside, was accompanied by a music video (featured on Punk by long-time collaborater Andrew Spohn (LA)