Green Light Morning

Green Light Morning




If Paul Simon's progeny - Coldplay, had a baby with Art Garfunkel's progeny - the Avett Brothers, the culminating sound would be reminiscent of Cincinnati based Rock Alternative band Green Light Morning.  The band is the brain-child of singer-songwriter duo Aaron Patrick and Aaron Bright, who recently landed in the top 15 on the premiere episode of "The Song," a new musical competition reality show featuring singer-songwriters.

The genesis of Green Light Morning sparked when Aaron Bright (keyboards/backing vox) and Aaron Patrick (lead vox/guitar) met touring in previous bands, Big Creak and Oval Opus respectfully. Their paths collided when both bands had a song placed in the same Universal Studio movie called "Winter Break" starring Milo Ventimiglia, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Justin Urich. This encounter led to a touring friendship, trading shows across the Midwest and up and down the east coast.  Green Light Morning experienced a quick uptake in initial fans despite the band's infancy.  

After years of touring, all roads lead the band mates and their families to Cincinnati, Ohio. The two musicians reflected back on their experiences on the road, reminiscing about touring, their fans and lives while joining forces as songwriters. After spending a year collaborating in their studio, writing songs and playing open mics, they felt a genuine connection and decided it was time to take a few of their songs and release them to the world.

 It was important to both Aaron's to intentionally do it right if they were going to reinvigorate their music career.   This conviction led them to record their first self-titled EP with producer Rich Stine at Fidelitorioum Recording studios in Kernersville, NC where legendary bands like REM, Ben Folds Five and Wilco recorded their initial albums.  The EP was mixed by Micah Wilshire (Mark Ballas, Pat McGee, Honor by August) and mastered by Brad Blackwood (Maroon 5, Alison Kraus, Sister Hazel, the Black Eyed Peas).

Hearing the significance of their work, the duo quickly knew they needed to focus on a full band collaboration. The next logical move was to add Ted Burger (guitarist), John Behnam aka jB4 (drummer) and Michael Theobald (bass) to the mix. In November 2011, Green Light Morning was born, a fresh new writing project based on story telling lyrics combined with soulful, melodic hooks. Green Light Morning's dynamic performances as a two/three piece or a full band, offer a full-toned, honest and memorable experience which captures audiences and engages every soul to sing along.