Culture Queer

Culture Queer




Culture Queer has taken the elements of traditional Pop (sprightly melodies, unquenchable effervescence) and injected the proceedings with a quirky liquidity (Electronic experimentalism, Eno- like lyrical conundrums, New Wave energy, a wonderfully disguised darkness), resulting in a fascinating mash-up of style and substance. 
Culture Queer consistently provides the soundtrack for you to dance your ass off at the intersection of Think and Don't Think. Dig It: 
Brian Eno and Puffy Ami Yumi starring in the big screen musical version of Three's Company (with Carl Newman and Neko Case as the Ropers). 
Culture Queer is international pop quartet that blends sweet and melodic guy/girl harmonies and weirdo soundscapes. These Cincinnati natives embrace their midwest roots but also transcend it with a sound that is completely unique and without pretense. Their live shows are always a spectacle as they combine live mixed video with their sets. (3 members are accomplished filmmakers). As all members are multi-instrumentalists (their drummer is a girl for God sakes!) they defy comparison and love to mess with the audience's sense of normal. After the show, they will talk to you about love, death and how you are feeling. 

Performing with groups the likes of.....Low, Deerhoof, 
Of Montreal, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Punk Bunny, Macha, the Frogs, Bevis Frond, Quasi, Vhs or Beta, Wussy, Josiah Wolf, Heartless Bastards, Duchess Says, Phantogram etc.