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When Veronique Allaer didn’t die from a fall off a three-story building two years ago, she picked up her long-neglected guitar and started Leggy. Seems like a logical choice, particularly when she included best friend/bass master Kirstin Bladh and hammer-to-anvil drum-killer Chris Campbell. For its fresh efforts, Leggy was nominated for a Best New Artist Cincinnati Entertainment Award earlier this year. Not long after, the trio dropped a new six-song EP, the stellar Nice Try, a fittingly effervescent companion piece to Leggy’s infectious 2014 debut, Cavity Castle, both recorded and mixed by John Hoffman and Jerri Queen (of Tweens and Vacation). Flush the Xanax and skip the daddy-didn’t-love-me-enough therapy session; if you want to feel good/better/best, get yourself some Leggy. 

YOU’LL DIG IT IF YOU DIG: Lana Del Ray fronts The Vines for St. Vincent’s garage-warming party. (BB)

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