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DAAP Girls



Originally (or so the legends goes), Greater Cincinnati’s DAAP Girls was a five-man group drawing its name from the experience of initially meeting each other when all the members were dating the same girl — a student at the University of Cincinnati’s art and design school, DAAP. Since the Girls’ inception, they’ve been building a following and acclaim through energetic live shows, playing music they call “Gutter Funk and Rock n’ Soul” (the band eventually picked up an extra two members to further enliven the party). Admitting an obsession with warm, vintage recording techniques, the band has been riding on its 2013 debut album, Tape Songs, which was recorded analog-style on an old 8-track machine. Spending the last two years focusing on their “combination Soul-revue and basement party” live shows, DAAP Girls have been road-testing songs from their sophomore full-length, reportedly titled Look Inside Your Love and due for release soon.

YOU’LL DIG IT IF YOU DIG: Mick Jagger hopping into a superjam with Dr. Dog, a rocked-out Modest Mouse and The Black Crowes. (CH)

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